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My New Year Covid Experience

After living quite responsibly for the pats two years, I finally tested positive for Covid-19 two days ago, after being tested negative 5 days earlier, the day when I did not feel particularly well. I was expecting a positive result … Continue reading

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Summer Trip to Gaspesie and Tadoussac, Quebec

The pandemic has prevented most people from travelling abroad over the past year and a half, with most of us caged in our home and varying restrictions imposed depending on the virus spread. After undergoing through multiple lockdowns, the healthcare … Continue reading

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My Experience on Immigrating to Quebec and Preparing for TEFAQ Exam

The last seven months have been one of the most difficult phase in my life, mentally speaking, even more than when I decided to quit medical school several years back. This is due to the pressure I have to proof … Continue reading

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Things You Must Do in Quebec City for Solo Traveler

In the last two months, I have been working and studying excessively at McGill University. I have been in campus past midnight several times in a week and eating a lot of Korean foods located at a building nearby. When … Continue reading

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