Who’s Kevin?

Kevin is an analyst at global macro investment firm based in Montreal, Canada. Originally trained to be a medical doctor, he found his passion in capital markets after being involved in managing portion of his family’s equity portfolio. Kevin holds Masters degree in both finance and management, has passed all levels of CFA exam, and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and Professional Financial Modeller (PFM).

He read voraciously and has a hobby of tinkering (read: programming) his systematic equity and volatility trading model for the “Quantimental” strategy he created. In his spare time, Kevin likes to travel to far-flung places and become a freelance photographer for Getty Images. To date, he has a portfolio of over 1200 pictures across 35 countries marketed through the company.


Kevin on a 5-day train ride from Vancouver to Montreal in December 2018

40 Responses to Who’s Kevin?

  1. dinamalyana says:

    Hi Kevin! All the best in your pursuit towards financial freedom! Like you, I’d hate to be stuck in a boring 9-5 office job and would rather spend my time traveling the world. Unlike you, I don’t have a plan for earning passive income. After reading your blog a little here and there, I must say I’m rather inspired to start thinking and doing something about that. All the best to you and looking forward to reading more of your writings! 🙂

    • agent909 says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog Diana, if you are interested in further reading about financial freedom, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Learn to Earn are recommended books as a starter. Let’s realize our dreams and goals while sharing on the way!

  2. What a colourful personality! Psst…you should consider stand-up comedian as a side income 😉

  3. Interesting read…. blown away at the amount of books you read. Would love that skill to be able to read faster and the time to read more 🙂
    Look forward to what you have to post in future!!

    • agent909 says:

      Actually I’m surprising myself too. I never thought I could read 130 books a year last year, or 52 books now since new year. The trick is to bring book everywhere you go in your hand, don’t put it inside your bag. So when you are waiting in line, or waiting for your food, or waiting for anything, you could start reading! I think it is very productive instead of clicking handphone or tablet. Good luck with your journey!

  4. crazyguyinthailand says:

    Awesome blog

  5. knowledgeaddiction says:

    You have a very interesting story and beautiful aspirations. I wish you will fulfill all your dreams and become the best version of yourself. I definitely want to hear more from you, so I will follow your blog. Peace !

  6. Hi Kevin! I don’t know how I happened upon your blog, but I’m so glad that I did. At first I started with some of your “Self Help” posts as I found your “About” page intriguing. Then I read some of your “HowToDoIt” posts and loved them too. Thinking I’d stop there, I absent-mindedly clicked on “Travel” followed by “The World” and really loved all your photographs. You have great dreams, talent, and drive and I really hope you succeed. Best wishes!

    • agent909 says:

      Hi Liane, I’m glad to meet someone with the same interest as well! I can’t believe that lately I’ve been meeting numbers of people who share the same values and interest in life too, it just seems that the universe is arranging life in a unique way! Hope the best for you and your kids too!

      • I think the world still has lots of good people in it like us…it’s just harder for us to connect in real life because of our personality types. The Internet has provided me with immeasurable opportunities to meet others, learn from others, and improve myself. I look forward to this journey with you.

  7. shambo48 says:

    Hi Kevin, when I was your age in late 60’s, I never read books. Instead, I played football and climbed trees to collect firewood. I picked up my reading habit at a later age. I wish I could rewind my life’s journey and start reading more books. Good luck to you. You are potential writer.

  8. Shira says:

    Hi Kevin! I enjoy reading your ‘about’ page! God bless!

  9. CrazyGuyinThailand says:

    Hi Kevin I’m CrazyGuy. I like how you got your name. I’m a fan of all his movies. Especially Water-world 🙂

  10. What a delightful reading! And what an amazing story 🙂 It’s so good to see people enjoying life to the fullest, and it just gives me fuel to do the same! But just one curious question: how do you manage to manage both the medicine studies and this wonderful amount of trips? Cheers from Italy!

    • agent909 says:

      Hi Thatiana, love your blog as well. It seems that both of us have the same interest in travelling! In the medical school, I got two months holiday at June-August and one month holiday at December, at these time I always travel to other country and sometimes continent. In my first semester break I went across western Europe (3 weeks), and the next semester after that I went to Vietnam, America, Korea, Japan, and next month i’m going to Africa.

      Despite the business of medical school, I always allocate time for traveling, as it is my true passion. Cheers.

      You are beautiful by the way.

  11. That’s amazing how you manage to do so many things at the same time. Since I try hard to do the same, you were absolutely a great finding around here. Last year while doing my masters I was traveling more. But this year with a regular job and office schedules it’s getting harder and harder – it’s scary sometimes… The thing is, as you said, try to take maximum advantage of the rare holidays/vacations and get lost somewhere in the world. Keep your adventures flowing and it will be a pleasure to be following you.
    Thank you for the compliment and, as far as your baby picture tells, you are beautiful too. 🙂

  12. Ioana says:

    Hey! You`re a great source of inspiration and I just love your personality and your perspective. Still can`t find you on instagram, but I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep moving forward, wish you all the best!

  13. Ellin says:

    Darn, you’re only a year older than me, and you’re already in med school. I need to step up my game. XD

    • agent909 says:

      Hi Ellin! Actually I’m a bit faster than my friends as well because I did acceleration program in junior high, so it’s not really fair to compare us side by side. Anyway I read about your volunteer participation in the emergency department, I think you’d learn faster there than most students learning in class. I just finished my pre clinical phase and soon will be stationed in neurology department. What course do you take now?

      If you want to step up your game, consider reading self improvement books. I have been reading it for two years now and found it very helpful in tough time, you could also search for “self help” in my blog for summary of the books I read. Cheers

      • Ellin says:

        Haha I’m just weirdly competitive. At this very moment, I should be studying for microbio lab.

        A lack of time isn’t a good excuse not to read since obviously you can do it, but… I don’t have time.

        Where are you studying?

      • agent909 says:

        I studied in a private university in Indonesia, but currently I am co-assistent in a hospital at Jakarta. Well, perhaps you could try to download just one book and commit to read three pages everyday. It was hard for me as well the first time, but then I found actually I had few short break everyday, like after lunch and commuting home. Good luck on your EMT training!

      • Ellin says:

        Thanks! I didn’t get the job yet though. I don’t think I can do that. If a book is good, I literally can’t put it down until I’m done.

  14. Hello Kevin,

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and and really loved exploring your travel photos 🙂

    So nice to read this About section 🙂

    Hope to follow your travel adventures…

    Have a great time 🙂

  15. Dathandika says:

    Waw, medicine student. That is very great that I can find another one here on WordPress beside my friends. Are you a physician now? And are you going to continue to be psychiatrist according to your interest in psychology? I should follow this one! 😀

    • agent909 says:

      Hi Dion! I’m not yet a practicing physician yet now, apprentice would suit me better. I still have doubt about being a psychiatrist because in reality a psychiatrist will face patient with mental disorder rather than reflecting about life in general. Nice to meet you, cheers.

      • Dathandika says:

        And you are Indonesian, right? :p. That is very long journey to become a doctor, I guess. However, I think you can reflect what you have discovered from your patient to the life in general. Nice to meet you, too!

  16. HI Kevin,
    You sound like an interesting person, and you have a great eye for photographs. I look forward to hearing more about your travels and observations.

  17. mylifestorymyway says:

    Wow..you do read a lot. I had set a target of 15books this year and I could complete merely 8 till date. I don’t think I’ll even be able to complete 15 and I’m shocked how did you read 130 😉
    Very inspiring though, I’ll try to complete at least this challenge for now then will probably increase by next year 😀
    Good luck to you.

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