Fiesta Restaurant at Sari Pan Pacific

Tables at the left side of the restaurant

“Indulge in a range of sumptuous buffet and à la carte menus from the East and West amidst a comfortable setting at Restoran Fiesta. Enjoy a taste of the local classic Indonesian dish ‘Nasi Goreng’ – fried rice served with a sunny side-up egg, beef ‘satay’ (dice skewered spiced meat) as well as chicken fried with traditional spices. Or, try the Authentic Hainan Chicken Rice, consisting of fragrant rice and aromatic chicken served with a savoury chicken broth.” -Sari Pan Pacific Website


Lobster cooked with black pepper sauce, teppanyaki styled chicken and muzzle, lamb chop with black pepper sauce

After quite a while only visiting Signature at Kempinski Hotel and The Cafe at Mulia Hotel, last week I tried Fiesta Restaurant at Sari Pan Pacific Hotel. There was a program using BCA credit card, where buy 1 get 1 is valid from Monday to Thursday, meals for two person cost less than Rp 500k. There is a caveat though, drink is not included, and they charged a glass of ice tea for Rp 50k. I leave that for your judgement whether it is expensive or not for a hotel in such class (I didn’t mind paying Rp 50k for a huge ice tea in Mulia Senayan).

dscf9440Sushi and salad section

dscf9441The limited assorted sushi

When I saw the entrance of the restaurant, I had a low expectation for it, the name and logo looks cheap to me. I think they will benefitted from rebranding the restaurant. The low-ceiling was also a factor that makes the restaurant feels dense. The good thing is they have a glass ceiling and wall at the left side of the restaurant (pictured above), where I asked to be seated. It could get hot at noon, luckily it was cloudy that day.

When I started my lunch at hotel, usually I ate sashimi and sushi first, so that I’m not full before trying everything out. There is quite a selection of sushi, but there is not sashimi at all. Japanese food isn’t their specialty though, they are focused more on Indonesian food in general. The sushi taste good, but when the stock is depleted, I didn’t saw anybody refilling it.

dscf9442Abundant raw seafood

dscf9443Salad toppings

dscf9444Main dishes

dscf9445Indonesian traditional food (ketoprak)

dscf9446A cart that serve soto betawi

dscf9447Choice of satay (lamb, beef, chicken), onion, meats. It will be cooked by the chef

Assorted meat and satay for cooked, foods from Italian section

The chefs cooked the meat well, however when I was waiting at the side, they are confused about which food belong to whose. I would rate most of the as good, with very good rating on the lamb chop. They didn’t put on display the lamb chop, but we have to order it to one of the employee. The lamb chop tastes very good and certainly makes the buffet worth the price, considering the sub-par quality of the food in general. The lobster was good as well, but they could have cooked it more tender using bbq sauce or teppanyaki sauce instead of offering the black pepper sauce.

dscf9449Dessert section

I can’t comment on the dessert though, as it wasn’t my kind of dessert. I prefer chocolate cake and mousse, which they didn’t have. But generally, they have lots of variety for dessert.

dscf9450Dessert section

dscf9439Fruits selection

In general, there is a wide variety of foods (especially Indonesian) and dessert in Fiesta Restaurant. For the price they charged, I felt it was worth it. It is even more worthy of praise if you like lamb chop. I would recommend Fiesta Restaurant, but compared to Signature at Kempinski it was lacking in term of decoration, foods and ambience.


Price starting from IDR288,000 per person

Breakfast (Monday to Friday) – 5:30am to 10:00am

Saturday to Sunday – 5:30am to 11:00am

Lunch (daily) – 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Dinner (daily) – 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Telephone+62 21 2993 2753


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