59′ Lunch at Bengawan -Keraton

dscf9511Ambience inside Bengawan Restaurant

“Bengawan is the signature restaurant at Keraton at The Plaza, providing an authentic five-star dining experience. Located on the seventh floor with spectacular views of Jakarta, the restaurant provides a respite from the bustling city below, wrapped in lush foliage and surrounded by soothing water features. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Keraton Sunday Brunch.” -Keraton Website

dscf9515Appetizer bar in Bengawan Restaurant

Living in the heart of Jakarta, every week I went to Plaza Indonesia at least twice, either for lunch, dinner, or watching movies. But for 8 years, I’ve never enter Keraton, until last week. My mother had been asking for my schedule to take me to Bengawan Restaurant for the 59′ lunch. What is 59′ lunch?

“Experience Bengawan’s latest semi buffet lunch package that comes with unlimited appetizers and dessert spread – chef’s special selection of main courses and first drink (coffee/tea/mineral water) for IDR 258,000 nett/person. All completed in 59 minutes. 59′ lunch package is available from Monday to Friday: 12.00pm – 02.00pm” -Keraton Website

The entrance to Keraton is located near AMKC, the new fancy restaurant across Bistro Baron (which has been renovated recently). There is a small door guarded by a security guard, entering to a hall leading to the lobby and escalator. Dumb founded and amazed by the structure of the building, we have to ask the reception where the restaurant is. Up on the seventh floor, there is a swimming pool, gym, and Bengawan Restaurant.

dscf9470Table decor at Bengawan

After being shown to our table, the waiter asked us our choice of drink (included in the package). We asked for a sparkling water, and to our surprise, instead of equil or aqua panna, they served us aqua ( no complain though).

Appetiser at Bengawan

The selection of appetiser is dominated with various type of salad, and assorted chef creation on the day. There are quite a selection of bread as well, but don’t expect much variety as in their buffet program. I tried the chicken salad, vegetable soup, and chef’s creation. They are good and certainly up to the standard of 5-star hotel.

There are eight variety of main menu, ranging from Indonesian to European foods. I ordered duck a l’orange, pictured below. It is served with sweet potato and vegetables. The meat was tender and juicy, the overall taste is great.


Now is dessert time! Luckily they stocked variety of cakes and mousse, which I found to be delicious. Since we are not limited for appetiser and dessert, I ate lots of the dessert! The chocolate mousse is a must try, I ate two glass of it and could actually ate two more had I not been ashamed of myself!

dscf9492The delicious chocolate mousseDSCF9491.jpgVariety of cakes

After finishing my lunch, I take a walk to the terrace and took few pictures of it and the swimming pool. I could imagine it as a convenient place for an evening tea.

dscf9507Terace outside the restaurant

keraton1Panorama of swimming pool taken from Bengawan terrace

Overall, I’m satisfied with the service, foods, and ambience of the restaurant. For the price of Rp 258k nett, I think it was fair priced. Who is the place for? I see some businessman, and certainly a couple could have some great time at Bengawan as well.

Monday to Sunday:

6 am to 10.30 am (Breakfast)

12 pm to 6 pm (Lunch)

6 pm to 10.30 pm (Dinner)


12 pm to 3 pm (Brunch)
Phone: 021-50302993


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