Thailand Trip Day 5: Oceanworld, Flow at Millenium Hilton, Siam Paragon

Today is a free activity day and the last full day we are staying in Bangkok before returning to Jakarta tomorrow. Due to late night sleeping yesterday, we woke up at eight and get ready to go to Oceanworld we failed to enter yesterday due to the long queue. We arrived in Siam Paragon (where the Oceanworld is located) slightly before 10 am, several people are already waiting in front of the entrance door. There is a Starbucks Coffee next to the entrance gate, which aready opened, so we bought tea and wait for the door to be opened. Once the door is opened, my mother and me quickly rushed into the mall and walked straight to Oceanworld, hoping that the queue isn’t long. We queue the line for five minutes and then buy an entrance ticket for 990 Baht (US$ 30) per person.

Inside the oceanworld we first could look at aquarium of fishes, then a giant crab, octopus, etc. Seahorses are what interest me, a cute little seahorse with a decent background. There are big aquariums and a transparent floor where sharks, stingray swim beneath. The next section are frogs, sea otter, ray, then penguin and jellyfish. It is an enjoyable experience and recommended for children, so I’d say it is worth the price.

DSCF6216Fishes inside giant aquarium in OceanWorld Siam Paragon

DSCF6257Strange looking fish stuck on the sand

DSCF6275Seahorse with coral reef

DSCF6317Yellow banded poison dart frog, it is said the frog could kill 10 grown men

DSCF6353Sharks, lots of them…

DSCF6365A really scary looking shark with sharp teeth

Since today was the last day of 2015 we wanted to have a decent lunch in a hotel, my sister recommended “Flow” in Millenium Hilton Hotel near Chao Praya River. We took a taxi for 100 Baht ($3), the good thing in Bangkok is cheap taxi with meter although there are naughty drivers charging overprice ride in front.

Chao Phraya River as seen from Millennium Hilton Hotel Bangkok

Our lunch was superb, I ordered a NZ lamb chop for 1200 Baht ($35) while my sister ordered sushi and my mother pad thai and tom yum. The price is standard for hotel and the food was delicious.

For the rest of the day we went back to Siam Paragon for shops and cafe. My sister bought iPhone 6s plus for 39.300 Baht ($1100), then we sat and drank tea in TWG for hours before dinner in Nansuttei, a Japanese ramen restaurant.



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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit there.

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