Thailand Trip Day 2: DreamWorld, Tiger Zoo and Crocodile Farm, Pattaya Beach, Alcazar Show

Today we woke up around 6.30 and packed our luggage as we departed to Pattaya from Bangkok, the breakfast in Twin Tower Hotel Bangkok is good but there isn’t much variety as I expect in international breakfast. I ate sausages, egg, and croissant for breakfast. Bangkok, like Jakarta is a rather crowded city, several high rises and few slums area seen from the highway. The city is not the most beautiful city or a clean one, for that matter. From the inner city highway we could see construction projects such as railway, MRT, highway being build.

KVN03334Sunrise above Bangkok Cityscape taken from my hotel room

One hour on our way to Pattaya we stopped at Dreamworld, a theme park for local’s and few tourist. I have a very low expectation of the theme park because I have searched it on the internet before and found it rather disappointing, so get the Disneyland thoughts out of your head. The number of attraction is good around 40, but the quality is simply not there when I saw it with my own eyes. The park was clean and well taken care of, but the ambience and athmosphere is neutral, not cheerful as in well-known theme park. The walking path is the same for forward and backward trip, luckily there is a KFC inside the park. Had there was no KFC, I certainly won’t eat lunch today because the other restaurant and street vendor doesn’t look very convincing in hygiene. Actually I spent one out of three hour in KFC, sitting near a window and seeing people on the street. If you are going here, keep your expectation low.

The entrance to Dream world Thailand

Garden inside Dream World Thailand

Bench and shops in Dream world Thailand

We went back to bus at 13.00 and continued our trip to Pattaya, but we have one other place to visit before going to the hotel. We went to Tiger Zoo and Crocodile Farm located 40 minutes from Pattaya, as in most Asean countries the infrastructure and buildings are not great, meaning a lot of open space and the attraction is good but not great. It was a big complex and we walked our way inside further to watch a short circus using 8 tigers, the show includes tigers jumping from a ring of fire and walking on a rope. It wasn’t the best circus but the show was ok, however the tigers aren’t aggressive at all which makes it less thrilling.

Tiger performance in Sriracha Tiger Zoo

The second show is crocodile show about a man and women putting their hands and head inside toothless crocodile mouth. Each show is about 30 minutes long, then we went straight to our hotel, Pattaya Seaview near the beach.

Crocodile show

Since we arrive early in Pattaya, we check in to hotel first before dinner. We have one free hour for showering, but I decided to hit the beach and take some photographs instead.

Sunset at Pattaya beach

DSCF5438The ambience in Pattaya beach at sunset

The dinner was buffett inside a nice hotel in A-One Hotel, with decent foods and ambience for 550 Baht each person. After dinner we watched show by fully operated gay called Alcazar. Basically it is a broadway show performed by gay with wonderful costume, overall the show was great and a recommended one to watch in Pattaya. The show cost around 700 Baht and took one hour and fifteen minutes. Then we end our day by going back to the hotel for rest.

Alcazar show by transgenders in Pattaya


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  1. M.Winter says:

    Wow, full day! Wish we had days more like this – just exploring..

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