Why I choose Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial over Rolex Submariner

Last year when Omega introduced it’s master co-axial movement in Aqua Terra I was thrilled by its ability to resist magnetic fields <15.000 gauss, it is by far the most resistant watch available for people interested in such technical specification. Before the announcement there was limited option for watches with magnetic resistance, one of the most popular was Rolex Milgauss which could resist only 1000 gauss. In our daily activities, magnetic fields are everywhere, in a clutch, bags, refrigerator, etc. Most of those magnetic fields won’t magnetise our watch and make it stop working, but it could.
KVNY3046 KVNY3047

To me it becomes more important as I enter my residency in hospital surrounded by perhaps the strongest magnetic equipment encountered daily by men, the MRI machine. MRI machine use magnetic force ranging from 5.000 to 30.000 gauss. Of course doctors are not allowed to wear anything magnetic when performing the scan, but what about when we are passing in front of the room when scanning is performed? The magnetic force won’t be as powerful as inside the room, but it might be powerful enough to magnetise our watch. That was the time I know I had to have watch with greater magnetic resistance.
KVNY3050 KVNY3051

The reason I didn’t bought Aqua Terra was due to the yellow second-hand and the design just didn’t caught my eyes. Then Omega introduced a reborn of their classic watch, Seamaster 300 with Master Co-axial movement. This time Omega had my attention, the design, technical specification, movement, and everything else is near perfection. I was hooked. At December last year I was also eyeing on Rolex Submariner no-date, a timeless classic that would be nice to join my collection. After a rigorous assessment, I concluded Omega is technically superior than Rolex Submariner, although the history, brand and resale value of Rolex is currently better than Omega. But again, I didn’t buy a watch only to sell it later.
KVNY3052 KVNY3053

I physically saw and tried Omega Seamaster 300 master co-axial earlier this year when my plane was delayed in Abu Dhabi. I went to Marina Mall and got inside Omega store, after some clear thinking, assessing whether my next watch would be Rolex Submariner or the new Omega Seamaster, I decided to take the bite. I went back home with Seamaster 300 master co-axial on my wrist, previously I was wearing Omega Seamaster 300 GMT bond.
KVNY3054 KVNY3055

Despite many commentaries about the vintage-lume on SM300mc, I really like it. JLC used it before, so does Panerai but few people actually talk about it. But Omega use it now and BAM…. everybody loses their mind. The case resembles the original Seamaster in 1957, with slight modification and it is a good thing. But the movement is perhaps the best movement available today, an in-house calibre 8400, chronometer certified, 60 hours power reserve. For a WIS who rotate between watches daily, 60 hours power reserve is more than enough to use it without having to set the time for 2 days. Old dog, new tricks.

For WIS looking to add a classic to their collection, this is it. Rolex may hold the ground for the next few years, but with the invention Omega is doing in the recent years, Omega is certainly on the rise. Common people may value Submariner more than Seamaster 300mc, but a WIS know what I’m talking about.

Conclusion SM300mc: movement is arguably better than Rolex Submariner, design depends on individual’s taste, transparent case back makes the movement admirable, vintage-lume for people who like it. Omega also has 60 hours power reserve compared to Rolex 48 hours. Both watches have ceramic bezel. However Rolex has a better resale value, brand recognition, and of course fake watches available.


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29 Responses to Why I choose Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial over Rolex Submariner

  1. Peter Kis says:

    Awesome watch – I’m about to pull the trigger on one myself. May I ask what kind of strap that is (and what width)? The only thing I dislike about the watch is the bracelet with the polished center links :-/

    • agent909 says:

      Thanks, it is a velcro strap I bought recently from ebay. Well, as for the bracelet Omega does gives a free service to brush it. Goodluck with your search.

      • Peter Kis says:

        Great to know about the polishing, thanks! Did you go with a 22mm strap? And we different spring bars needed or would I be able to use the ones from the bracelet? Sorry for the questions, I’m usually not an Omega guy, but the 300mc is absolutely fabulous

      • agent909 says:

        I think it was the 21mm spring bar. You might want to check it again on Omega site. You could use the spring bar you’ll get from the 21mm strap or simply use the spring bar that comes with the original Omega bracelet, both works the same.

        It is gorgeous, once I admired the movement for 5 minutes. The accuracy it outstanding as well, it runs about +2s a day, my JLC reverso runs at +1s, and my Omega Smp gmt runs at +4s. One of the best movement for it’s class.

  2. Darren says:

    Beautiful. Been looking at a whole host of watches; mainly Rolex, Omega & Breitling. Decided to opt for the Seamaster 300. Fantastic value for what you get, and leaves me enough enchilada for a Suoerocean II 🙂

    • agent909 says:

      My father has a Superocean, the rubber strap is indeed very comfortable. But I find the chronograph version too big at 44mm for my 6.5 inch wrist.

  3. Darren says:

    Meant to add …great pictures! Thank you

  4. Nhat says:

    Just came across your article. Love the pics. Would you be able to email me the buyer where you bought that strap? Looks amazing with the watch.

  5. Ronan Ghosh says:

    Just bought Omega Seamaster 300M Master Co-Axial. No substitute for Class. Forget about cost, status, & all the other not so important factors and there is only one choice for a classy watch! I went with the black over the blue which was a tough call but can honestly say this is right for me!

  6. Before the announcement there was limited option for watches with magnetic resistance, one of the most popular was Rolex Milgauss which … wwatchesr.wordpress.com

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Good article – what about your strap? Can you advise where you got it size and price?

  8. Rubio says:

    I’m at the same decision crossroad right now: previous version submariner vs. your omega.

    May I know your wrist size so I have an idea how it will look on myself. The watch seems a bit big for you with the lugs extending outside your wrists. My wrist is at 6.25 inches.

    • agent909 says:

      Hi, my wrist is 6.5 inches and I do find the watch slightly big on it, except when I wear it on the wrist (not higher like in photos). You might want to try it in store and compare it with submariner, the sub felt smaller and may be a better fit for smaller wrist.

  9. Jorge says:

    The quality difference between both can be felt when you rotate the bezel
    Omega is Seiko-like but Rolex is smooth

  10. Matt says:

    For somebody who claims to work in medicine, your grasp of the English language is atrocious. Learn to spell and use the correct tenses before you embarrass yourself online again.

    • Darren says:

      If you haven’t got anything constructive to say, and about Watches in particular, then keep your ridiculous comments to yourself. Or better still, contribute something meaningful about the subject matter. Idiot. You probably wear a Rotary, right!?

  11. Tom says:

    Nice watch but I don’t think it beats the old seamaster in looks;) for me Omega seamaster professional 300m (actually the rio limited edition) is one of the best looking watches ever! And there’s only 3016 of those time pieces made, which kinda makes me feel even more special that I’m wearing it;)

  12. George Joannou says:

    agent909 thank you for a detailed and informative review. I purchased the Spectre limited edition and for the first six months it lost a consistent -1 s a day. After that the watch kept gaining and gaining time . Took it to Omega Service and they regulated it supposedly to +1.5 s a day. No such luck I have had the watch now for about 9 months and it appears to be back to its old tricks , currently +3 s a day and gaining. For a watch that WATCH TIME Magazine ranked as the most accurate they have ever tested I cannot understand why my watch seems to gain so many seconds a day. Could you please tell me how accurate your watch is currently agent909..

    • petekis says:

      +3 seconds is still excellent. That said: this is not the first time I’ve heard of accuracy issues that slowly develop with Omega’s co-ax movement. There are discussions on this on watchuseek as well. They try to regulate the watches again and again but the problem persists and keeps worsening. I’ve since sold my 300mc and have been investing in Rolex – they might not be the most sympathetic brand, but they deliver consistency. I like many of Omega’s watch offerings but I’m steering clear of the brand until they’ve figured out how to fix the problems with the co-axial movements.

  13. George Joannou says:

    Hi Petekis – thanks for responding to my post. Yes I believe there could very well be a long term accuracy issue with the Omega Coaxial movements. After Omega regulated my watch it kept spot on time for the first 2 months and then gradually started to gain time. My previous Omega was a Seamaster 300 Pro with the 1120 movement I now regret selling it . The 1120 movement has been rated as good as the Rolex 3135 movement found in the Submariner. What a coincidence I too am now thinking of buying a Rolex , I am after the Explorer II with the fixed GMT bezel it ticks all the right boxes for me and it is powered by the 3187 movement which has been rated as super accurate and very robust. It may not be as antimagnetic as the Omega but in the real world I am not a doctor or a scientist exposed to machines with strong magnetic fields like our good doctor friend who reviewed the 300 mc. The Parachrom blue hairspring in the Rolex should give me enough protection under normal daily use.

  14. alex says:

    I had a Omega wristwatch for several years; in fact, my Omega seemed to be my single Switzerland view. I by no means fed up with my own Omega observe, as well as however We have given that purchased additional great Europe watches, When i don it often yet still enjoy it has the straightforward nevertheless sophisticated design and style.https://www.aaawatches.co.uk/

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  16. Jonathan Dubel says:

    Bam! just bought one today and waiting for it to arrive. Gobsmacked with the way this thing looks! I chose this over Rolex and a Black Bay 58. Its vintage and modern at the same time. This is/will be a classic.

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