Day 7 and 8: Istanbul Citytour

Today we went back to Istanbul, the place we visited first time 6 days ago. Istanbul is located in two continents, Asia and Europe connected by the famous Bosphorus Bridge. The trip from Bolu to Istanbul took longer than expected due to the heavy snow we encountered last night, the bus drove slowly to avoid accident. After 30 minutes of bus ride we saw a car in front of our bus slipped, but luckily he manage to control the car and stopped. As usual, we have toilet stop on our way, the place is quite nice and warm.



Hagia Sophia in renovation

In Istanbul we visited Topkapi Palace then Hagia Sophia, a beautiful Church turned Mosque turned Museum. Then we walk to Blue Mosque and Hippodrome square.


Blue Mosque Exterior View


Inside Blue Mosque

We get on the bus again and ride to Grand Bazaar, the gate are closed at 7 pm, so everyone inside pass that time will be stuck and have to exit from different gate. This time, someone is missing. After an hour and a half finally the family able to contacted her.


Grad Bazaar Entrance


Shops Inside Grand Bazaar

The next day we went to Bosphorus cruise for an hour and headed to the airport.


Cruise ride in Istanbul


View from Istanbul cruise

The flight to Abu Dhabi took about 3.5 hours, I watch “Hector and the Search for Happiness”, a movie about a psychiatrist travelling the world for a research “what makes people happy”. The movie is funny and worth watching for, it is meaningful to me in a way people wouldn’t understand. We arrive midnight at our hotel, City Season Al Hamra. Abu Dhabi is a desert city, there are few high rises and most of the stores are only two or three levels. We were exhausted, so we went directly to sleep once we have a bath.

DSC01340The view at night from my airplane’s window


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4 Responses to Day 7 and 8: Istanbul Citytour

  1. Moritz says:

    Instabul is a great city. Glad to see that you had the chance visiting it for two days 🙂

  2. Bipasha says:

    Such a culturally rich place, I enjoyed every moment of my trip & reading your account, too 🙂

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