Day 6: Ankara, Bolu



Scenic view to Ankara from Cappadocia



Salt Lake

Today we went to Turqouise jewellery store in Cappadocia and enjoy the scenery from outside the store for a while. The balloon doesn’t fly again today due too the wind, but the view is great. A long journey was waiting, the trip to Bolu via Ankara. Our first stop was a salt lake that supplied 98% of Turkish household needs. The wind was blowing hard and the weather was colder than yesterday, my face felt frozen because of standing for 5 minutes outdoor.



Empty road at Attaturk Museum

Lunch is Turkish Kebab and soup, as usual. We went to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. We were visiting Attaturk Museum and tomb, which is heavily guarded by the army. The security was strict in this area, the museum contains the possession of Attaturk when he was alive and the history of his life and war.



Soldiers patrolling at Attaturk Museum, the most heavily guarded place in Turkey



Exterior view of Attaturk Tomb

We are heading to Bolu as I write this post. We start to see snows on our way from Ankara, we were excited to finally see the snow and it really felt like Christmas. But soon enough we have too much snow, first the road are slippery, then it started to snowing heavily. The visibility of the road ahead is very narrow and we are all watching the road, helping our bus driver.



Snowstorm at Bolu

On the hotel it was still snowing, despite the weather I went with my sister outside and take some long exposure using my new Manfrotto Befree tripod.



Outside my hotel in Bolu Thermal

KVNY1476A road in front of Bolu Thermal Hotel



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  1. Looks a bit like western Oklahoma!

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