Review Part 2: Mulia Resort Bali -The Best New Hotel 2013

The first day stay (on my part 1) was very exciting and it redefine the word “luxury” and “relaxing” in our family dictionary. The place itself is magnificent, supplied with friendly staff and delicious food tasting. On my first day, I thought won’t managed to completely touring the resort, so after having dinner on my room and taking a bath in a bathroom as big as my room in home, I decide to take a night walk with my camera and tripod. But first, here is few shots from the balcony of my room.




It was a windy night and you could hear the sounds of the wave.

This is Cascade Lounge I talked anout earlier, where me and my family sit for 5 hours and not get bored. It closed around 23 pm I think, and there is no way you could sit there at night and not get cold (perhaps stealing room’s blanket is a good idea :), but I didn’t do it so please don’t charged me Mulia!).






These are shots I managed to take around the resort at night, notice that I went back to the lobby where I waited earlier in the evening, there is a building designed for wedding reception, the symmetry is outstanding.





After completing the tour around the resort at midnight, I think it was a good idea to go back and sleep, so i could woke up early and catch the sunrise.







I woke up alone because my mother and sister are very lazy to wake up, so put my shoes on and prepare my trusty companion, Fujifilm X-Pro with Canon TS-E 24 f/3.5L II attached. I also bring my tripod and iPod filled with songs I have prepared for the trip. I got my “high” many time while capturing pictures, with high pitched sounds I listened, harsh wind on my face and bare legs. The view was uncomparable and simply beautiful, I would definitely go back here again before I die.




After the sunrise expedition, my mother and sister called me and waiting for me at the beach, we swim in the main pool and played around for a while.

For lunch I ate like a pig in the Cafe Restaurant (all you can eat for sure) which cost about $35 per person, they served various sashimi, local cuisine, and many international cuisine that will suit our tounge. You just can’t be bored in this place!

At night and the next morning I toured around again and took some shots, while I have taken exceptional shots the previous day, I took some more and was delighted.







I’m glad I did this trip and I’m sure I would go back to this palce again. If I could associate this place with a phrase it would be, “If there is a Heaven on Earth, I’m afraid I’ve found it”. Those who could afford the trip, I really recommend it to you, whether you love meditation, want some break from routine, or simply having vacation, this place is rejunovating. I think a lot about my life, the past and future, make some plan when I get back to routine, and I found peace inside myself. On my morning walk, I chatted with an American who is a TV crew and travel around the world, he told me that this is the second best place he has been to, and I asked him, “what’s the first?”. He answered that the first is St. Regis in Bora-Bora, so I think it would be the next destination for another “beach trip”


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  1. loisajay says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the pink sunrise.

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