Long Exposure- Why We Change: Psychology

Among the people you’ve known for a long time, who is the person who’s changed the most over the years? Was the change for the better?

My mother comes to my mind, I’ve known her all my life and it seems that I’m one from few people that actually knows her daily life for the last 15 years (I’m twenty by the way). As human beings that continually change for the good and bad, our change are influenced by many factors around our environment, family and close friend have the most influence to the way we think and our many fundamental trait. My mother change for the good, perhaps a better word to describe the change is “adaptation”. Not only my mother, we all adapt to the circumstances around us, we adapt for our survival and comfort in life.

I hear the phrase, “he/she change a lot since the last time I met him/her”. The way I interpret such phrase is that person has a new different approach in the way he live, maybe he now prefer a different genre of music, people, and choose his life differently than the way he used to.

Change is not a bad thing. It is even encouraged as long as it bring us into a better way of living. We change because we are more comfortable with the new situation than our old one.


About Kevin

Kevin is a research analyst at a macro research firm and a private fund manager since 2012. He holds a Master of Management in Finance degree from McGill University and has passed all levels of CFA and FRM exam. Kevin is an avid traveler and photographer, with a record of 33 countries visited in 2019. He is a freelance contributor at Getty Image and is running two website in his spare time, journeyman.live and putamencapital.com
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