Sleepy Time -The Life of Medical Students and Overworking in Hospital

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

Studying comes to my mind whenever the exam is near, and it is always near in medical school. An exam every two or three weeks for the current cycle, followed with the next cycle, repeating itself three or four times per semester. Like other medical students, I considered myself diligent in learning and doing tasks, I set the goals with quantified outcome and I assessed the situation to know what I have to do to earn it. Life in medical school is not easy, we don’t drink at night, date every weekend, we don’t even get enough sleep daily (if we want to succeed the test and learn all the materials).

Sometimes when I work myself too much, my mother told me that I’ve to take care of my body (and perhaps life) first before helping other’s taking care theirs. It’s like the precaution on airplanes emergency procedure, put your oxygen mask first before putting your kid’s. Because unless you are alive and function properly, we couldn’t help anyone.

It’s important for a doctor (and future doctor) to have a well rested sleep, a healthy diet, and routine excercise, but in reality I know several doctor who doesn’t have a day off in a week. Thoughts?



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3 Responses to Sleepy Time -The Life of Medical Students and Overworking in Hospital

  1. lozziechai says:

    I am no future dr but my sleep patterns are way off. I have always wanted to work in the med field, I have studied entry Pharmacy as at one stage I wanted to be a Dispense Tech. Now I am studying Aged and Community Care as I know thats my calling. I am a full-time carer for my mum who recently had a liver transplant, Im guessing you’d know a bit about them being a med student. What do you want to specialise in? Being around the health system and hospitals for many years, doing massive amounts of research and learning about my mums condition inside out, along with other health issues, Ive always been asked by specialist docs if I am a med student lol.
    Anyways if you are going to do more posts on medical subjects Id like to follow you and see them for sure 🙂
    mine is

    peace loz

    • agent909 says:

      Nice to know you are in public health, from what I’ve been told it’s getting popular in the medical world, specially in Holland. Hope your mom doesn’t have a graft rejection to her new liver, I think what you do (from your few-early blog post) is unselfish and great. I hope to enjoy your blog!

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