Gone with the Windfall -Stock Market and Savings for 10 Years

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

No, no, no buying folks, more savings! Invest it in the stock market and reap the reward in the next ten years, without actually taking the capital. Do you know that if the stock market perform 10% (the average growth of DJIA) and you leave it there for ten years, it will turn into $2.593.742?

Well i’d rather take it 2.5 million in the next ten years rather than one million now, assuming I will still be alive in the next decade. Anyway, how many goods do we need and will sastisfy us? It is a rat race, and endless pursuit with no finish line.



About Journeyman

A global macro analyst with over four years experience in the financial market, the author began his career as an equity analyst before transitioning to macro research focusing on Emerging Markets at a well-known independent research firm. He read voraciously, spending most of his free time following The Economist magazine and reading topics on finance and self-improvement. When off duty, he works part-time for Getty Images, taking pictures from all over the globe. To date, he has over 1200 pictures over 35 countries being sold through the company.
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4 Responses to Gone with the Windfall -Stock Market and Savings for 10 Years

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  3. RaiBal says:

    I’m not banking on being here in ten years, and I don’t trust that market thingy anymore. But, I have to agree it’s a great way to earn income – if you’re lucky enough to have the $$ to invest in dividend-earning stocks that won’t tank or vanish at whim. Saving is awesome if you can afford to do it, though! 😀

    • agent909 says:

      I understand that many people loss their money in the stock market, but look at the chart for the any decades you choose, it always turns positive. If we could just leave it there for a decade and have the patient to do so, we will reap the rewards. I’ve made my mistakes as well, cheers

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