A Name for Yourself- ‘Journistic’ An Answer from the Past

Some writers’ names have becomes adjectives: Kafkaesque, marxist, Orwellian, sadistic. If your name (or nickname, or blog name) were to become an adjective, what would it mean?

This name has just flashed into my mind, ‘journistic’, it expresses a curiosity and willingness to find an answer for the question. Life is a journey, we were born to live it and now ask yourself where you are in the journey, are you at the end? The middle half? Say that life expectation is around 80 years old, that means I have lived one fourth of my journey.

I could still remember the day I rode my first two wheels bike, graduation from junior high school, and when I was still going to the ladies room with my mom. Time flies so fast that I could barely catch up with it, a boy was pushed to grow into a man, with all the responsibility he have to take.

Back into today’s topic, the term ‘journistic’ I mean would suit into a phrase like, ‘I have a journistic lifestyle’ which means I have a habit to search for meanings in life, or to travel and look for interesting events along the way.

How would you use this ‘journistic’ adjective?


About Kevin

Kevin is an Emerging Markets Research Analyst at a global macro investment firm based in Montreal, Canada. Originally trained to be a medical doctor, he found his passion in capital markets after being involved in managing portion of his family’s equity portfolio. Kevin holds Masters degree in both finance and management, has passed all levels of CFA exam, and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and Professional Financial Modeller (PFM). He read voraciously and has a hobby of tinkering (read: programming) his systematic equity and volatility trading model for the “Quantimental” investment firm he founded. In his spare time, Kevin likes to travel the world and become a freelance photographer for Getty Images. To date, he has a portfolio of over 1200 pictures across 35 countries.
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