The Dedication To Life Long Learning

Life is the longest event we ever experience in life itself, we grow from a baby into childhood, getting into school, find a job and retire. That’s how most of the population “live” their life these day. Older people said to me numerous time, “life is short, use your time wisely”. I agree with the idea of using our time wisely, but I questioned the statement “life is short” everytime I hear it. To those people I would ask, “short compared with what?” To this day, I haven’t got the balls to ask them and figure it out.

Hundred years ago when lamp and machinaries hasn’t been invented, human works only during the day in the farms to hospital there’s only candles to lighten up during the night, which is rarely sufficient for daily work. But when electricity was found, then Thomas Alfa Edison founded the lamp bulb that could be found in every building today, human work longer than ever. People work not only during the day, but they extent their working hours into late night, supported by various technological advantage we haven’t got hundred years ago.

Perhaps people one or two generation before us invented the phrase “life is short” because they are unable to do and accomplish more things in their life, limited by the sources they had at the time. When people in 18th century had to stay inside their house (or bar perhaps) at night, now people could work, communicate, shop, and do things that used to be done only during the day. In short, we could and probably is achieving and finishing more tasks than people born in the generation before us.

And we shouldn’t loss track of technology, it’s a kind of Darwin’s natural selection theory. The one who could adapt will be alive and prosper, while the one who can’t perish. Which one would you be?


About agent909

Kevin Yulianto is a private trader and equity portfolio manager with over 4 years of experience. He was born in Jakarta at July 18th 1994, graduated with Bachelor of Medicine Degree from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia in 2015 and is expected to receive Master of Management Degree from Binus Business School in 2017. Currently he is pursuing his professional certification in the CFA and FRM program, in which he passed level 1 for both program in 2016. Kevin is an avid traveler and photographer, with a record of 32 countries visited in 2016. He is a freelance contributor at Getty Image and is running two website in his spare time, and
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3 Responses to The Dedication To Life Long Learning

  1. I will be alive and prosper. 🙂

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