Nami Island (Naminara Republic, South Korea)

Last December I was travelling to South Korea for a week and lost myself in a very beautiful island called Nami. Here is some history of the island (taken from wikipedia) and pictures I took myself while I was there.

Nami Island is an oasis for culture and leisure in peaceful harmony with humanity and nature. After a five-minute ferry ride, guests meet a forest of verdant trees holding up the sky and open grassy areas where ostriches, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks and peacocks warmly welcome visitors in the midst of wild flowers.

A port where you will be taken from the main island to Naminara Republic

On Nami Island, artists from all over the world show-off their talents and share the sense of peace of mind the island creates. The island is the site of Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival (NAMBOOK) and other cultural events that take place every weekend, making Nami one of the main cultural and artistic tourist attractions in Korea.

A welcoming monument built from ice into a water fountain

In 2006, the island declared its cultural and artistic tourist attractions in Korea, and declared its cultural independence and was reborn as Naminara Republic.

The famous tall trees located everywhere in Nami island

Traditional houses for shops and restaurant inside Nami island

It has its own national flag, anthem, currency, passport and phone cards, stamps, orthography and even a certification of citizenship.

Tall trees inside Naminara Republic

Beautiful view from Nami island facing the water

The island, especially the Metasequoia path, was one of the main filming locations of Korean Broadcasting System 2002 television drama series Winter Sonata, starring Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo.

A bench from woods for relaxing

At the center of the island there is some vegetation and animals

A very romantic place for a couple too

It attracted 270,000 Korean and foreign visitors in 2001. After it was featured in the drama, it attracted 650,000 visitors in 2002. Since then the number of visitors has continued to grow, reaching 2.3 million in 2012.

Sayonara from Nami island


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6 Responses to Nami Island (Naminara Republic, South Korea)

  1. Allen Capoferri says:

    Very pretty.

  2. susanddhavle says:

    Hi I have nominated you for the Liebster award. If you are interested, please check it out at Hope you are fine with it.

  3. Was able to visit Nami Island on a lovely autumn day. With golden leaves falling from the tall trees, it was really lovely!

  4. Visited Nami Island last Feb. 7, 2016 and though it was really freezing cold I really enjoyed my visit to the place and love the natural and wonderful sceneries, the almost frozen Han river going to Nami Island. I wish to go to the island again but next time, I want to be there in autumn.

    • agent909 says:

      Hi Rebecca. It was cold as well when I visited Nami in December. Yes, the scenery is indeed wonderful, there’s a wooden bench where I sat for half an hour enjoying the river. If you like Nami, you might like Jeju Island as well, I’ve heard good things about it.


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