Key Points from Book: The Alchemist

Never be afraid to take a new course in life, the best is yet to come

Have the courage to fulfill your destiny, your personal goals in life

Obstacles will always be there, all you need to do is be stronger and overcome it

Trust you gut when taking decision and look for the omen

You may lost your fortune on the way, but if you keep going, more than you imagine is waiting for you

Be careful in trusting someone to become your friend, they may appear nice and steal you in your back

Do your best in your work and be creative, improve your master or your business and gain the benefit

Always follow your goals in life

Learn from everyday life, nothing is a better teacher than life itself

Your eyes show your strength of your soul


About Kevin

Kevin is a research analyst at a macro research firm and a private fund manager since 2012. He holds a Master of Management in Finance degree from McGill University and has passed all levels of CFA and FRM exam. Kevin is an avid traveler and photographer, with a record of 33 countries visited in 2019. He is a freelance contributor at Getty Image and is running two website in his spare time, and
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