Key Points from Book: If God Were Your Therapist

Have an event from another perspectives in life. Will it mayters in the 1 year?

Know that you have a free will and it’s your’s to exercise

We only gain self esteem when we are able to make responsible choices, and do what is right, regardless of what we feel loke doing or how it appears to others.

When a person acts rudely towards us, it doesn’t mean anything. It only tells us that the person does not like who he is, not there is something wrong with us.

Emotion reaction: some person causes some person to have some emotion

It is not possible for one human being to create an emotion in another human being. We create our own emotion

When you make mistake, acknowledge it and don’t justify yourself. Instead, learn from it

Accept ourselves completely will lead to undistorted reality.

Choose to give instead of take ro exercise your free will

I am responsible and nothing in my life will change for the better unless I change

What do I want out of life? Check your motivation

Pleasure is inherenr in the pursuit of a meaningful objective

While it is not possible to remove every last trace of ego from our motivstion, we must strive to make our pursuit as genuine as possible

Prakinson’s law: work expands ro fill the time available

It is the busiest man who has time to spare

When we establish our priorities, we should make sure we allocate sufficient time for them

Act with integrity

The “right” time will never come. What you have is now

A plane is off course during about 90% of a flight. However, the pilot or automatic pilot is constantly making adjustments to bring the plane back on course.

Trating ourselves better makes us like ourselves more

Suffering js the emotional consequence of the wrong choice

We create our own reality, and control how we experience the entirety if our lives

Just because you can’t free your mind in the past you couldn’t do it now.

Emotional instability has its roots in feelings of inadequacy and helplessness

Turning guilt into action:
Feel remorseful
Stop the behavior
Confess before God
Resolve not to do it again

Give yourself to God and do the best you can

Appreciate your family, friends, and people who serve you in life

If you felt like a victim, ask what could God want you to learn from it

Forgive other and forgive yourself, not for other but for you

God could only gives you His grace if you could hold enough of it

Money, success, fame, physical appearance doesn’t contribute more to happiness than healthy relationships, skills development, and active in social causes


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Kevin Yulianto is a private trader and equity portfolio manager with over 4 years of experience. He was born in Jakarta at July 18th 1994, graduated with Bachelor of Medicine Degree from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia in 2015 and is expected to receive Master of Management Degree from Binus Business School in 2017. Currently he is pursuing his professional certification in the CFA and FRM program, in which he passed level 1 for both program in 2016. Kevin is an avid traveler and photographer, with a record of 32 countries visited in 2016. He is a freelance contributor at Getty Image and is running two website in his spare time, and
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