Key Points from Book: The Power of Now

Look inside yourself, you might find something inside

Thinking has become a disease. It get out of control and often we cannot stop thinking.

Watch your thinking, be higher than your mind and watch when you are thinking

You should be able to control when you want to think, and when you want to be present and in a state of Being

Observe your emotion, do not judge it, just watch it and surrender it. Surrender here means take it as it is

Problem is a sign you are not being in present. Problem arise in the past or future, never in present

Time is an illusion, what is time meaning to a tree or animal? Human gives meaning to time, and it is subjective term.

Once you accept your past, illness, anger, you’ll be enlightened

Sometimes your ego is identified with your problem, pain, and past experience. It define who you are and it makes you harder to let it go.

Possession will never gives freedom or wholeness. Once you get what you want, there’ll always be another want, because it is a bottomless pit.

Time is an illusion, psychological time is subjected to the viewer

Nothing exists outside the now, your worry about the future happens now.

For life is a journey, but it is not the end destination you should think about, but be in the present and do what you are doing now

Joy is a state when you are in the present, feeling presence

Almost all people are being unconcious in their life, they live in their mind of future instead of being presence. That’s why problem arise

Wherever you are, be there totally

Is there something you should be doing but are not doing now? Then do it now!

There’s time, although looks like a waste of time where you should walk in the park, sit on a bench and just be presence instead of working

Most people are waiter, they wait for something to be happy. They wait until they are rich to live, wait until marriage to live, and so on

Sometimes you have to experienced a loss of conciousness in order to gain it again and become more happy than before

Forgive your past

Conciousness could be initiated by observing your breath, listening deeply, or stillness

What is time and space? What is room without it’s content?

Use your pain to learn being presenta and surrender all emotion in order to achieve enlightment

Real love has no opposite. But romantic relationship will eventually turns into love-hate relationship

Happiness and unhappiness is one, one cannot exist without the other. The cycle will continue and all you have to do is accept it

Something truly real will never gone. Death is another portal, not the end

Choosing is done conciously. When people said they have a choice, sometimes they took that choices unconciously.

About Kevin

Kevin is an Emerging Markets Research Analyst at a global macro investment firm based in Montreal, Canada. Originally trained to be a medical doctor, he found his passion in capital markets after being involved in managing portion of his family’s equity portfolio. Kevin holds Masters degree in both finance and management, has passed all levels of CFA exam, and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and Professional Financial Modeller (PFM). He read voraciously and has a hobby of tinkering (read: programming) his systematic equity and volatility trading model for the “Quantimental” investment firm he founded. In his spare time, Kevin likes to travel the world and become a freelance photographer for Getty Images. To date, he has a portfolio of over 1200 pictures across 35 countries.
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