Key Points from Books: Outwitting the Devil

Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds

Happiness doesn’t come merely from having a lot of money, but from knowing you are doing something for a noble purpose

The worst human ailments: indecision

The urge to continue has to be stronger than the desire to quit

When trouble aroused, your reasoning faculty could be paralyzed

I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul

If you want to success, you must first dress the part

Have a little faith and let it guides you

A wake up call- a tap on the shoulder- a slap in the face

Let your “other self” take over your life

There is a solution for every problem, no matter how difficult the problem may seem but it is hard to acknowledge in the middle of the storm

Failure and temporary defeat are part of the journey to finding true success

Prayer take roles in your life

There’s a compensation system, for every loss there has to be a gain

Be grateful for what you have now, every gift and every blessing . It is the surest way up and put things into perspective

Every individual has the power to change his material or financial status by first changing the nature of his beliefs

98% of people are drifting, they don’t use their brain to think independently. They are controlled by fear, fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age and death

Cigarattes and liquor are the bait for young people to drift

Think and analyze every of your decision to avoid drifting

Know what you want in life and make a plan to be followed

Avoid bad habit as it will drift you

Those who do little or no thinking for themselves are drifters. A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside his own mind

Parents, schoolteacher, religious instructors, adults could be used to instilling bad habit to young people without themself knowing it.

On the contrary they think they are doing good to their children when they did just the opposite. Helping your child to make homework, bad school system as we now have, fear of hell instead of faith.

School system gives so many knowledge without how to turn the knowledge into something useful. They don’t stimulte children to think independently

Drifting includes:
Eating wrong sort of food or in a wrong quantity
Money matters in marriage leads to conflict
Working in a job he doesn’t like or have passion in
Impulsive spending
Fear of poverty
Other negative thoughts

Lack of major purpose in life
Lack of confidence
Little or no imagination
Lack of enthusiasm
Doesn’t have control over his emotion
Not attractive personality
Have a lot of opinions, but no knowledge
Jack of all trades but master of none
Neglect to cooperate
Make the same mistake over and over again
Narrow minded and intolerant
Begin many things but complete nothing
Criticize a lot without giving solution
Eat too much, exercise little
Gambling, drugs, liquor
They have to work harder than other to have something
Criticize other in the back but flatter to their faces

Non drifter:
Always engaged in doing something definite throuh well organized plan
Quick decision, know what he wants and determined to get it, no matter how long or what price he must pay
He gives direct answer
Extends manu favors to others, but accept none
Always lead in every aspect of life
If he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll say no so frankly
He has good memory
Blame no one but himself
His presence could be felt
He is an inspiration
He has a mind of his own and uses it for all purposes

The capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every man who attains outstanding success in any calling

Watch out for:
Love, thirst for sex expression, covetousness for money
Obsessive desire to gain something for nothing
Vanity and egotism
Desire to be master of others, intoxicants, narcotics, self expression through word and deed, imitate other, perpetuation of life after death, be hero, food

Do this:
Do your own thinking on all occasions
Decide what you want from life and create a plan for attaining it, and sacrifiece for it
Analyze temporary defeat for equivalent advantage
Render useful service to community
Connect to the infinite intelligence through your brain
Use your time wisely, it is the biggest asset
Occupy your mind so that fear couldn’t get in
Demand, don’t beg
Master your life
Use your thought to get what you want
Non-drifter control and use their own minds

There is a natural rhytm, where what you repeatedly do becomes a habit. Poverty bring poverty, and riches bring you could use it for your advantage.

You couldn’t escape the hypnotic rhytm, but you can use it for your advantage

7 principles to attain spiritual, mental, physical freedom:
Definiteness of purpose
Mastery over self
Learning from adversity
Controlling environmental influence (association)
Time (giving permanency to positive habit and developing wisdom
Harmony (acting with definiteness of purpose to become the dominating influence in your own mental, spiritual, physical environment)
Caution (thinking through your plan before you act)

The person who moves with definiteness recognizes he difference between temporary defeat and failure. When plan fail he subtitutes others but he doesn’t change his purpose. He perseveres

The first duty of human is to himself. Every person owes himself the duty of finding how to live a full and happy life.

The emotion of sex can be transmuted into a driving force capable of lifting one to great heights of achievement

Don’t believe opinion, ask for the facts even if it is stated by someone with authority

Faith is definiteness of purpose backed by belief in the attainment of the object of that purpose

The person who is not master of himself can never be master of others
-food, sex, opinion

Life gives no one immunity against adversity, but life gives to everyone the power of positive thought, which is sufficient to master all circumstances of adversity and convert them into benefits.

Be careful in choosing your environment, whether it is friends, work place, or even home.

Nature will not tolerate vacuums of any sort. All space must be filled with something. When the individual does not use the brain for the expression of the positive, creative thoughts, nature fills the vacuum by forcing the brain to act upon negative thoughts.

People are not born with wisdom, but the capacity to think and think their way to wisdom.


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A global macro analyst with over four years experience in the financial market, the author began his career as an equity analyst before transitioning to macro research focusing on Emerging Markets at a well-known independent research firm. He read voraciously, spending most of his free time following The Economist magazine and reading topics on finance and self-improvement. When off duty, he works part-time for Getty Images, taking pictures from all over the globe. To date, he has over 1200 pictures over 35 countries being sold through the company.
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  2. Pedro says:

    Great summary, great value. Thanks a lot!!

  3. David Rodriguez Jr says:

    pretty brilliant work here. Thank you.

  4. Tanya says:

    Very nice! You’ve compelled me to buy the book – it seems to be a vital necessity in my life. Thank you Kevin.

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    @agent909 Kevin, great key points.
    You should double check your spelling and grammar though.

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