Philosophy: Knowing Yourself

As a human being we are curious with things around us, why the sky is so blue, how could two cell be a human being, and many other thought we sometimes didn’t get the answer. We expand our knowledge about the outer world and forget to explore what’s within ourself. Let’s think for a minute of this sentence:

1. I am not my body, my thought, my ego, my emotion, or my social status

I could move my hands, my eyeballs to read this sentence, yet I’m not my body that move, I am controlling the body. Who am I?

I have thousands thought each day, I could explore and analyze my thought, but I am not the thought, I am the one producing thoughts. Who am I?

I could feel joy, happiness, anger, hatred, but I could control my emotion as well. I am not the emotion, I am the one having and responding to emotion. Who am I?

I could be rich or poor, black or white, Christian or Muslim, but I am independent in choosing my life. My social status is not a limitation for me to reach my dreams. Who am I?

2. I am an independent and responsible person

I am not a child anymore whose need other to protect me, I am separate from other people even the one I love. We could be united in love and family, but we are not the same being. I could do anything without having other approval, because I am a person responsible for my own life. Other people could comment on me, but it’s nothing but their opinion, the fact is as long we are being true to ourself, we will always be respected at least in our own eyes.

3. I am currently living in the present

I might have goals for my future and what I do everyday should be directed to my goals. While we are working toward our goals, we are living in the present and nothing we could do could fast forward the time, or bring back history. I am aware of my thought and activity at every moment, whether I am listening to music or working I decided to do it myself with awareness and enjoying my work.

I found many people working way too hard without knowing their own capability and goals. They are like a plain boat in the middle of the sea, waiting for someone to save them (usually nobody is going to come and save you but yourself) and let the water lead where they are going. It’s like shooting randomly and paint a target sign around it. These are thought needed to be assessed over and over again through our life, and hopefully raised our awareness in living our life. 

About Kevin

Kevin is an Emerging Markets Research Analyst at a global macro investment firm based in Montreal, Canada. Originally trained to be a medical doctor, he found his passion in capital markets after being involved in managing portion of his family’s equity portfolio. Kevin holds Masters degree in both finance and management, has passed all levels of CFA exam, and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and Professional Financial Modeller (PFM). He read voraciously and has a hobby of tinkering (read: programming) his systematic equity and volatility trading model for the “Quantimental” investment firm he founded. In his spare time, Kevin likes to travel the world and become a freelance photographer for Getty Images. To date, he has a portfolio of over 1200 pictures across 35 countries.
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