For Sell or Trade: Happiness

It is Sunday morning, there’s no alarm to wake you up so you decide to continue your sleep. But you want to check your surrounding first, so you open your eyes. Your spouse is lying beside you looking with big eyes, staring at you sleeping. You hear nothing but the bird singing outside your window, so you just stare back at h(im/er). It’s not awkward even after 1 minute staring each other, because you just understand each other. The bond is so strong that you could hear your spouse saying “good morning” to you without any word spoken.

What would you feel in such situation? You may say romance or passion, but one thing is sure. You are happy! ——-What make us happy? Are you happy right now? I mean as you are reading this post, are you in a state of happiness? How is your day?

Let’s acknowledge our feelings, for example when I’m happy I will say in my mind “I’m happy right now and let’s keep it that way”. When I’m angry  I will say it too, “I’m angry right now, but that’s okay, let’s get over it” So when do you feel happy? You may answer after you eat your favorite food, exercising your body, losing weight, or maybe when you are with someone you love doing nothing! You just know it when you are happy, right? Or have you forgot how to feel happy? When is the last time you feel happy? What did you do?

Think as many activity as you can that makes you happy! For me it’s traveling and learn something new, photographing, eating Pizza Marinara, playing in the beach, and the list goes on….. If we know what makes us happy, then why we don’t do it? Why do we have to suffer from our day-to-day unhappiness? Maybe it’s because we don’t have time to do what we enjoy, or we don’t have money to buy things that brought happiness to us.

I think that’s why many people are working hard to find as much money as they can. They think when Someday they have a lot of Money, they don’t have to work anymore and will have a lot of time to do what they enjoy. Then at that Someday, when they have Money and Time, they will be happy. Never we human have been so wrong. I believe that some people have reach that someday, yet I believe some of them still not happy. The question is why?

As those people collecting money and working all day, they sacrifice “small stuff” that’s actually makes us happy. They rushed in the morning to their office, not greeting people they meet along the way. They don’t see the smile of their co-worker, they forget to kiss the one they love. They go home feeling tired at night, missing most detail of their family life. And most important, they aren’t “there” when their child needs them. They don’t see them grow, only to realize that kid who called them daddy/mommy is long gone. Now they are moving to another city or country, barely knowing their parents.

I am born in a family with stable income, my mother is a housewife, my sister is one year older, and my father…….. You could say he is working really hard to earn money for us. Now he is 50, I’m 19 and we are all living together with $100.000 a year. But I barely know him, I know his life from my mother and his experience he shared at weekend. Maybe I could say that he is available at weekend only, and I’m sure he loves us because he tries to earn money for us living in a better standard than most of my peer. I’ll trade half of his salary with half of his woking hour. Maybe it’s just people have a different way expressing their feelings.

Today I want to share this post with you, so that you don’t waste time trying to reach future happiness, when you could have happiness in your life TODAY! Don’t forget to read your child their bedtime stories, teach them riding a bike, coaching them at their first date, the point is ASSIST THEM GROWING! Believe me, a mother figure alone is not sufficient, children needs both of their parents to teach and share with them.

I want to share this with you today, so in the next 5, 10, 15 years you’ll look back to this day and have NO REGRET.


About Journeyman

A global macro analyst with over four years experience in the financial market, the author began his career as an equity analyst before transitioning to macro research focusing on Emerging Markets at a well-known independent research firm. He read voraciously, spending most of his free time following The Economist magazine and reading topics on finance and self-improvement. When off duty, he works part-time for Getty Images, taking pictures from all over the globe. To date, he has over 1200 pictures over 35 countries being sold through the company.
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